16 de octubre de 2007

British and Irish Lions


1888 New Zealand & Australia (NS)
1891 South Africa 3-0
1896 South Africa 3-1
1899 Australia 3-1
1903 South Africa 0-1
1904 Australia & New Zealand 3-0 (Australia) 0-1 (New Zealand)
1908 New Zealand & Australia 0-2
1910 South Africa 1-2
1910 Argentina 1-0
1924 South Africa 0-3
1927 Argentina 4-0
1930 New Zealand & Australia 3-1 (New Zealand)0-1 (Australia)
1936 Argentina 1-0
1938 South Africa 1-2
1950 New Zealand & Australia 0-3 (New Zealand) 2-0 (Australia)
1955 South Africa 2-2
1959 Australia & New Zealand 2-0 (Australia) 1-3 (New Zealand)
1962 South Africa Arthur Smith 0-3
1966 Australia,New Zealand & Canada 2-0(Australia)0-4(New Zealand)1-0(Canada)
1968 South Africa 0-3
1971 New Zealand 2-1
1974 South Africa 3-0
1977 New Zealand & Fiji 1-3 (New Zealand) 0-1 (Fiji)
1980 South Africa 1-3
1983 New Zealand 0-4
1986 "Rest of World" 0-1
1989 Australia 2-1
1989 France 1-0
1993 New Zealand 1-2
1997 South Africa 2-1
2001 Australia 1-2
2005 Argentina drawn
2005 New Zealand 0-3
2009 South Africa

The British and Irish Lions (until 2001 known as the British Isles Rugby Union Team or more colloquially the British Lions) rugby union side comprises a pick of the best players from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Rugby union circles refer to these four international Rugby Unions collectively as the "Home Nations" and therefore sometimes refer to the Lions team as a "Home Nations" team. Lions selectors can also draft uncapped players available to one of the four home unions, but in recent years this has rarely occurred.

Combined rugby union sides from the then United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland toured in the Southern Hemisphere from 1888 onwards. The first tour took place as a commercial venture, made without official backing, but the six subsequent visits that took place prior to the 1910 South Africa tour (the first selected by a committee from the four Home Unions) enjoyed a growing degree of support from the authorities, although only one of these included representatives of all four nations.

The 1950s proved a golden age for Lions rugby, although only in the 1970s did style begin to match the substance of victory in New Zealand and South Africa. Originally, poorly-organised Lions teams regularly suffered defeat at the hands of their hosts, but by 1955 the tourists took the matches seriously enough to obtain a 2-2 draw in South Africa. The 1970s saw a renaissance for the side. The last tour of the amateur age took place in 1993. Three tours have happened since.

Shaw & Shrewsbury Team, 1888, The first British touring rugby team, a private-enterprise trip to Australia and New Zealand.